3 human rights, Basic Human Needs

3 human rights, Everyone basically has the same major requirement. such as clothing, food, and shelter. However, because of circumstances, the needs of each person also differ according to the circumstances. That is, it could be the third major requirement does not apply entirely to you. There could have been other urgent needs so that it becomes the primary needs. Regardless of whether the third it really becomes your needs now, it's worth recognized first what is in fact the third primary needs that.

3 human rights

Here's the 3 human rights, basic needs for human beings :


Clothes serves to warm the body and to close the genitals. In the ancient times humans are not yet in need of clothing. But over time, the clothes become indispensable and became one of the requirements that must be met.

Indeed without clothing a person can still survive. But if someone is not wearing clothes, then generally he would feel cold, colds, and feel embarrassed to get along with others. Currently, the use of clothing is not only limited as body warmers and cover genitalia alone. But also as a trimmer body and as an indicator of social status.


food (including beverages). Food is the most important basic necessities needed by every living being. Without food, people will not be able to survive. Food also serves as a conduit of nutrients for the growth of a person. Food in the form of groceries (nine staple : rice, sago, and maize, sugar, vegetables and fruits, meat, cooking oil and margarine, milk, eggs, kerosene or gas, and iodized salt).

Now food is not limited to function as a means of mountings the stomach only. But it is also used as a tool to provide good nutrition for the body as well as one means of satisfying life (for example is food that tastes good).


Home, or place of residence. the House is one of the basic necessities. Indeed without human habitation could still survive, but without human habitation is not protected from the rain, the cold night wind, wild beasts, thief, also a human will get psychological disorders.

House also serves as an indicator of social status. As someone who lived in a simple house or boarding house, different social status with people who live in apartments or luxury homes.

Then the question is, is it all been fulfilled? If not, any yet? What needs have not been met it's urgent? The first and second requirements already evident is needed daily. Even food needs must be met every day because it will always be exhausted in all fulfillment. The house needs is the most difficult to fulfill requirements, but can be postponed. And how to know which other major needs urgent alias for now?

Actually it is very easy to recognize it. You can mention everything smoothly and the numbers a lot. As much as it needs, your financial circumstances are not necessarily able to fulfill them. There are principles that are not necessarily things that are a necessity we need, as it could be just something we want.

Necessity is the basic function of something that is essentially required. While the desire is all the additional functions if there is no real will not interfere with your life, but you expect to be able to get these additional functions. The food was expensive, large and luxurious houses, new cars and shiny, and so on. The desire is often a manifestation to assert one's social status and prove to others that he was able to have it.

To make it easier to test whether it actually we need or just a desire, then here are tips 3 human rights, to ease the way you identify the most important needs of the many that you mentioned.

Arrange all your needs
Prioritize those needs and make sure the fulfilled first
Determine a few things into your desire
Ask yourself how much you need and expect the desires, and make the scale of priorities if you have excess funds, please see the wish list that may be filled after ensuring the essential needs have been met. Also ask yourself if the excess funds are used to meet the desire of the merit or there are other places that need more and more entitled to the excess.
If you do not have excess funds, to avoid seeing things that could create the appearance of desire because it will become an obsession.
If you are already interested and have the desire to buy something, avoid to buy directly at the time. Neutralize your emotions and feelings and let your rational aspects of offset. Later after consideration you have more reasonable and fair, you can decide whether the interesting stuff was necessary to buy or not.

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